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P, Q, R

Primary IDE Post Write Buffer300

Primary(Secondary) IDE Channel241

Primary(Sec) Master(Sl) ARMD Emulated as243

Primary(Secondary) PCI IDE Interface241

Processor Number Feature71

Processor S/N71

Processor Serial Number71

PS/2 Mouse244

PS/2 Mouse Function Control243

PS/2 Mouse Port243

PS/2 Mouse Support243

PS: Prefetch And Posting299

PWR Button < 4 Secs347

PWR Lost Resume State351

PWR Up On Modem Act352

PWR up on PS2 KB/Mouse349

PWRON After PWR-Fail352

Quick Boot72

Quick Boot Mode72

Quick Mode130

Quick Power On Self Test71

Quiet Boot73

Quiet Boot73

RAM Area153

RAMW# Assertion Timing204

RAMW# Timing204

RAS Active Time192

RAS Active Time204

RAS Minimum Active204

RAS Timeout192

RAS To Address Delay207

RAS to CAS210

RAS to CAS Delay Time205

RAS to CAS Delay Timing205

RAS# Precharge186

RAS# Precharge Period186

RAS# Precharge Time186

RAS# Precharge Timing210

RAS# Precharge/Refresh186

RAS# Pulse Width196

RAS# Pulse Width204

RAS# Timing210

RAS# to CAS# Address Delay205

RAS# to CAS# Delay205

RAS-to-CAS Override210

Read Pipeline174

Read Prefetch Memory RD208

Read/Write Turn-Around124


Receive Mode356

Ref/Act Command Delay192

Refresh Assertion192

Refresh Cycle Time (us)188

Refresh Divider192

Refresh During PCI Cycles192

Refresh Queue Depth189

Refresh RAS Active Time186

Refresh RAS Active Time192

Refresh RAS# Assertion192

Refresh Stagger193

Refresh Type187

Refresh Type Select187

Refresh Value192

Refresh When CPU Hold193

Remote Power On352

Report No FDD For WIN 95262

Reserved Memory Address156

Reserved Memory Base250

Reserved Memory Lenght250

Reserved Memory Size156

Reset Config Data249

Reset Configuration Data249

Resources Controlled By250

Restore on AC/Power Loss351

Resume by Alarm353

Resume by Ring352

Resume On Alarm353

Resume On LAN354

Resume on PCI Event352

RI Resume352

Ring Count356

Ring Resume From Soft Off352

RTC Alarm Resume353

RTC Alarm Resume From Soft353

RTC Resume353

RTC Wake Up Timer353

RTC Wake-up353

RTC Y2K H/W Roll Over72

RxD, TxD Active290

S.M.A.R.T. for Hard Disks297

Save To Disk343

Scan User Flash Area72

SCSI Controller329

SCSI Parity Checking329


SDRAM Bank Interleave199

SDRAM CAS Latency Time196

SDRAM CAS# Latency196

SDRAM Configuration208

SDRAM Page Control197

SDRAM RAS Precharge Time186

SDRAM RAS# Precharge186


SDRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay205

SDRAM Write-to-Read Turnaround124

Second Boot Device60

Secondary IDE Post Write Buffer300

Secured Setup Configurations249

Security Option372

SEL 100/66# Signal138

Serial 1/2241

Serial 2 Mode288

Serial Mode288

Serial Port357

Serial Port 1/2 Interface241

Serial Port 1/2 MIDI285

Serial Port 2 IR Mode290

Serial Port2 Mode288


Setup Prompt73

Shadow Memory Cacheable174

Shadow Memory Regions149

Sharp ASK287

Shutdown Temperature361

Single ALE Enable129

Single Bit ECC Events371

Single Bit ECC Events Mem Bank with Errors371

Single Bit Error Report144

Slave Drive PIO Mode309

Slave Drive Ultra DMA313

Slot n IRQ for VGA263

Slow Clock Ratio339

Slow Memory Refresh Divider193

Slow Refresh191

Slow Refresh (1:4)193

Slow Refresh Enable193

SM: Prefetch And Posting299

Smart Clock365

SMART Monitoring297

Snoop Ahead123

Snoop Ahead(Video)211

Soft Power Off347

Soft-Off by PWRBTTN346


Spread Spectrum364

Spread Spectrum Modulated364

SRAM Back-to-Back175

SRAM Speed Option174

SRAM Type175

SS: Prefetch And Posting299

Staggered Refresh193

Standby CPU Speed339

Standby Time Out340

Standby Timeout340

Standby Timer Select340

Standby Timers340

Standby/Suspend Timer Unit341

State Machines219

Stop CPU at PCI Master220

Stop CPU When Flush Assert130

Stop CPU when PCI Flush130

Summary Screen73

Suspend Mode342

Suspend Mode Option344

Suspend Option344

Suspend Power Saving Type344

Suspend Switch345

Suspend Time342

Suspend Time Out341

Suspend Time Out342

Suspend Timeout342

Sustained 3T Write175

Swap Floppy Drive74

Switch Function345

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