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Onboard 496B IDE Port239

Onboard AHA BIOS328

On-Board Audio278

On-Board Audio Address278

Onboard Audio Chip278

Onboard Display Cache Setting209

Onboard FDC238

Onboard FDC Controller237

Onboard FDC Swap A&B74

Onboard FDD Controller238

Onboard IDE240

Onboard IDE Controller240

Onboard IDE-1(2) Controller240

Onboard IR Function288

Onboard Local Bus IDE240

On-Board LPT X239

Onboard Parallel Mode293

Onboard Parallel Port294

Onboard PCI IDE Enable239

Onboard PCI SCSI Chip326

Onboard SCSI329

Onboard Serial Port V£241

Onboard Serial Port A/B241

Onboard Serial UART1/2241

Onboard UART 1/2241

Onboard UART 2 Mode288

On-Chip IDE Controller241

OnChip IDE First(Second) Channel241

On-Chip PCI IDE241 On-chip Primary(Secondary) PCI IDE241 OnChip USB244 On-Chip Video Window Size209 Option ROM Scan70 ORIGINAL CONFIGURATION WITH POWER-ON DEFAULTS56 OS Controlled239 OS Select for DRAM>64Mb204 OS/2 Onboard Memory > 64MB204 Overclock Warning Message71 Page Open Policy197 Paging Delay200 Paging Mode Control210 Parallel239 Parallel Mode293 Parallel Port238 Parallel Port DMA Channel294 Parallel Port EPP Type294 Parallel Port Interface239 Parallel Port Mode293 Parallel Port Type293 Parity Error Events371 Parity Mode143 Password Checking372 PC98 LED343 PC98 Power LED343 PCI 2.1 Compliance223 PCI 2.1 Support223

PCI Arbit. Rotate Priority215

PCI Arbiter Mode215

PCI Arbitration Mode215

PCI Burst114

PCI Burst Interrupting114

PCI Burst Write114

PCI Burst Write Combine114

PCI Burst Write Combining114

PCI Bursting114

PCI Bus Arbitration214

PCI Bus Parity Checking226

PCI Bus Parking217

PCI Bus Release Timer224

PCI Bus Time-out224

PCI Byte Merging112

PCI Clock Frequency223

PCI Clocks224

PCI Concurrency228

PCI Delay Transaction117

PCI Delayed Transaction117

PCI Device Search Order260

PCI Device, Slot #n226

PCI Dynamic Bursting114

PCI Dynamic Decoding224

PCI Fast Back to Back VW114

PCI IDE 1st(2nd) Channel241

PCI IDE Prefetch Buffer312

PCI Initial Latency Timer224

PCI IRQ Activated by260

PCI IRQ Actived By260

PCI Latency Timer (PCI Clocks)224

PCI Master 0 WS Write218

PCI Master Access to ISA218

PCI master accesses shadow RAM218

PCI Master Burst Read219

PCI Master Latency224

PCI Master Read Ping-Pong218

PCI Master Read Prefetch218

PCI Master Write Ping-Pong218

PCI Masters Priority215

PCI Mstr Burst Mode219

PCI Mstr DEVSEL# Time-out219

PCI Mstr Fast Interface219

PCI Mstr Post-WR Buffer219

PCI Parity Check226

PCI Parity Checking226

PCI Post Write116

PCI Post Write Timing117

PCI Posted Write Buffer116

PCI Preempt Timer227

PCI Preemption Timer227

PCI Read/Write Burs114

PCI Read/Write Burst114

PCI Single Write Merge112

PCI Slot IDE 1st(2nd) Channel241

PCI Slot n IRQ Priority262

PCI Streaming114

PCI to ISA Write Buffer227

PCI Write Burs114

PCI Write Burst114

PCI Write-byte-Merge111

PCI#2 Access #1 Retry216

PCI/AGP Clock223

PCI/IDE Concurrency228

PCI/PNP ISA DMA Resource Exclusion270

PCI/PNP ISA IRQ Resource Exclusion261

PCI/PNP ISA UMB Region Exclusion160

PCI/VGA Palette Snoop320

PCI-ISA BCLK Divider233

PCI-to-IDE Concurrency228

Peer Concurrency228

Pentium II Microcode57


PIIX4 Delayed Transaction117



Pipeline Cache Timing174

Pipelined Function105

Pipelining With ByteMerge112

Plug & Play O/S248

Plug and Play Aware O/S248

PM Events348

PM Events350

PM: Prefetch And Posting299

PnP BIOS Auto-Config248

PnP OS239

PnP OS249

PNP OS Installed248

Port 64/60 Emulation246

POST Error Halt67

POST Errors67

Post Write CAS Active196

Power Button Function345

Power Button Mode345

Power Button Over Ride346

Power Fan Speed358

Power Management334

Power Management335

Power Management Mode336

Power Management/APM334

Power On By Alarm353

Power On By Modem352

Power On Function349

Power Saving Type336

Power Savings335

Power Supply Type337

Power Up by Alarm353

Power-Off by PWR-BTTN346

Power-On COM1 Ring352

Power-On Self Test56

PPro to PCi Write Posting117

Pre-Boot Events371

Preempt PCI Master Option219

Primary (Secondary) PCI IDE Status241

Primary Display75

Primary Display(Perif)236

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