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IRQ8 Resume by Suspend348


IRQ-n assigned to250

ISA 16-bit I/O Wait States109

ISA 16-bit I/O Wait States231

ISA 16-bit Mem Wait States109

ISA 16-bit Mem Wait States231

ISA Bus Clock231

ISA Bus Clock Frequency231

ISA Bus Clock Option231

ISA Bus Refresh Mode191

ISA Bus Speed231

ISA Clock231

ISA Clock Divisor231

ISA Clock Frequency231

ISA Clock Frequency234

ISA Clock Select231

ISA Clock Select Enable233

ISA Command Delay234

ISA LFB Base Address154

ISA LFB Base Address154

ISA LFB Size153

ISA Linear Frame Buffer154

ISA memory area159

ISA Memory Gap159

ISA Refresh191

ISA Refresh Type191

ISA Shared Memory Base Address155

ISA Shared Memory Size154

I, J, K, L

ISA Slave Wait States235

ISA VGA Frame Buffer Size154

ISA VGA Write Combining125

ISA Wait States235


Joystick Function237

KB Power On Hot Key349

KB Power On Password349

KBC Input Clock280

KBC Input Clock Select280

Key Click282


Keyboard auto-repeat delay282

Keyboard auto-repeat rate282

Keyboard Controller Clock280

Keyboard Emulation121

Keyboard Features282

Keyboard Reset Control281

Keyboard Resume350

Keyboard Submenu282

Keyboard Wake-up Function350

Keyboard/Mouse Power On349

L1 Cache Policy172

L1 Cache Update Mode172

L1 Cache Write Policy172

L1 Update Mode172

L2 (WB) Tag Bit Length177

L2 Cache169

L2 Cache Banks173

L2 Cache Cacheable Size173

L2 Cache Config173

L2 Cache Dirty Tag178

L2 Cache ECC Support140

L2 Cache Enable169

L2 Cache Policy172

L2 Cache Tag Bits177

L2 Cache Tag Length177

L2 Cache Update Mode172

L2 Cache Write Policy172

L2 Dirty Bit178

LAN Controller237

LAN Remote Boot68

LAN Remote Boot354

LAN Wake-up354

LAN Wake-up For Addon LAN354

LAN Wake-up For Onboard LAN354

LAN wake-up mode355


Language Support69

Large Disk Access Mode316

Latency for CPU to PCI write116

Latency from ADS# status132

Latency Timer224

Latency Timer Value226

Latency Timer: [0040]226

LBA Mode Control317

LBA/Large Mode317


Legacy Diskette A:/B:

Legacy USB Support

Linear Burst

Linear Burst (LINBRST)

Linear Merge



Local Bus IDE adapter

Local Bus Ready Delay

Local Memory 15-16M

LOCK Function

Lock Setup Configuration

LOWA20# Select

M1 Linear Burst Mode

MA Additional Wait State

MA Wait State

Manual Throttle Ratio

Mark Existing Events

Mark Existing Events as Read

Master Drive PIO Mode

Master Drive Ultra DMA

Master Latency Timer (Clks)

Master Prefetch And Posting

217 217 114 360 173 171 142

Master Retry Timer

Max. Burstable Range

MB Temperature

Memory above 16MB Cacheable

Memory Cache Memory Configuration

Memory Current139

Memory Error Detection143

Memory Hole157

Memory Hole at 15M Addr.158

Memory Hole At 15M-16M156

Memory Hole Size158

Memory Hole Start Address159

Memory Map Hole159

Memory Map Hole End Address159

Memory Map Hole Start Address159

Memory Parity (Error) Check143

Memory Parity/ECC Check143

Memory Refresh Rate188

Memory Relocation159

Memory Remapping159

Memory Reservation160

Memory Resources251

Memory Test Tick Sound69

Microcode Update57


Mode PIO Transfer Data309

Modem Init String368

Modem Ring Resume260

Modem Use IRQ260

Modem Wake Up352

Monitor Event in Full On Mode348

Mouse Controller244

Mouse Support243

Mouse Wake-up Function350

M, N, O

MP Version363

MPS 1.4 Support363

MPS Revision363

MPS Version363

MPS Version Control For OS363

MPU I/O address278

MPU-401 Configuration278

MPU-401 I/O Base Address278

Multimedia Mode320

Multiple Bit ECC Events371

Multiple Monitor Support237

Multiple Sector Setting305

Multi-Sector Transfers305

NA Delay128

NA# Enable128

NA# On Single Write Cycle128

NA# Pin Assertion128

Negate LOCK#128

Num Lock282

Numeric Processor Test69


Offboard pci ide card242

OffBoard PCI IDE Primary(Secondary) IRQ242


On LAN354

On Modem Ring352

On PME350



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