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Список опций

EMP Hang-up Line String

EMP Password

EMP Password Switch

EMP Restricted Mode Access

EMS Memory Base Address

EMS Page Reg I/O Base

EMS Page(n) Addr Extension

Enable Master

Enabled DMA Channel #1(#2)

Enhanced Page Mode

Enhanced Paging

EPP Mode Select

EPP Version

Error Halt

Event Count Granularity

Event Log Capacity

Event Log Control

Event Log Count Granularity

Event Time Granularity


Extended ALE


Extended DMA Registers

Extended I/O Decode

Extended Read-Around-Write

Extended Refresh

Extended ROM RAM Area

External Cache

External Cache170

External Cache Memory170

External Cache Write Policy172

F000 Shadow Cacheable175

Fan Control359

Fan Monitor358

Fan OFF at Suspend359

Fan State359

Fast Boot61

Fast Decode105

Fast Decode Enable112

Fast Decode Enable112

Fast DMA Only267

Fast DRAM Refresh190

Fast Gate A20 Emulation121

Fast Gate A20 Option120

Fast MA to RAS# Delay201

Fast MA to RAS# Delay CLK201

Fast Programmed I/O Mode(s)309

Fast RAS# to CAS# Delay205

Fax Modem Port357

Fax Tone Count357

FDD IRQ Can Be Free262

First Boot Device59

Flash BIOS Protection66

Flash Write66

Floppy 3 Mode66

Floppy 3 Mode Support67

Floppy Access283

Floppy Access Control283

Floppy Check61

Floppy Disk Access Control (R/W)283

Floppy Disk Controller237

Floppy Drive A:/B:66

Floppy Drive Seek At Boot61

Floppy Drive Swap74

Floppy Interface237

Floppy Status237

Flow Control369

Force Update ESCD249

Fourh Boot Device60

FPM CAS# Pulse Width196

FPM DRAM Addr To CAS Delay207

FPM DRAM RAS# Precharge186

FPM DRAM RAS# Pulse Width204

FPM DRAM Write Pulse Width196

FPM RAS Precharge186

FPM/EDO RAMW# Timing204

FPM/EDO RAS# Precharge Time186

FPM/EDO RAS-to-CAS Delay205

FPM/EDO Read Pulse Width196

Full Cache Line Reads133

Gate A20 Emulation121

Gate A20 Option120

Graphic Posted Write Buff123

Graphics Adaptor237

Graphics Aperture319

Graphics Aperture Size319

G, H, I

Graphics Mode Select210

Green PC Monitor Power State341

Halt On67

Hard Disk Access Control296

Hard Disk Controller240

Hard Disk Power Down Mode338

Hard Disk Pre-Delay65

Hard Disk Time Out (Minute)338

Hard Disk Timeout338

Hard Disk Type 47 - RAM Area153

Hardware monitor358

Hardware Reset Protect372

HDD Detection348

HDD Power Down338

HDD Power Down338

HDD S.M.A.R.T. Capability297

HDD Sequence SCSI/IDE First67

HDD Standby Timer338

Hidden Refresh190

High Modem Init String368

Hi-Speed Refresh191

Hit "Del" Message Display73

Host/DRAM Frequency135

Host-to-PCI Bridge Retry113

I/O Recovery Time108

I/O Space Access134

IBC DEVSEL# Decoding127

ICH Decode Select105

ICH Delayed Transaction118

IDE (Primary Master) PIO308

IDE 32-bit Transfer Mode296

IDE Block Mode305

IDE Buffer for DOS & Win299

IDE Burst Mode299

IDE Bursting299

IDE controller240

IDE Data Port Post Write300

IDE Data Post Write300

IDE DMA Transfer Mode300

IDE Drive Power Down338

IDE Fast Post Write300

IDE FIFO Size303

IDE HDD Auto Detection303

IDE HDD Block Mode305

IDE HDD Block Mode Sectors305

IDE Master PIO Mode309

IDE Multiple Sector Mode306

IDE PIO Modes308

IDE Prefetch Buffer312

IDE Prefetch Mode312

IDE Prefetching312

IDE Primary(Sec.) Master(Sl) UDMA313

IDE Second Channel Control241

IDE Slave PIO Mode309

IDE Translation Mode304

Infra Red Function288

InfraRed Duplex Type290

Init AGP Display First236

Init Display First236

Init Display First237

Initialize Display Cache Memory209

Installed O/S248

Integrated USB Controller244

Internal Cache172

Internal Cache Memory170

Internal Cache WB or WT172

Internal PCI/IDE240


IR Duplex Mode290

IR Function288

IR Function Duplex290

IR Mode Select288

IR Transfer Mode290

IR Transmission Delay290

IR Transmission Mode290


IrDA FIR (Fast Infra Red)287

IrDA MIR (Middle Infra Red)287

IrDA SIR (Slow Infra Red)287

IRQ #3(4)368

IRQ n Assigned to258

IRQ n Used By ISA259

IRQ Reservation261

IRQ Resources250


IRQ8 Break Suspend348

IRQ8 Clock Event348

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