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CPU Mstr Fast Interface216

CPU Mstr Post-WR Buffer217

CPU Mstr Post-WR Burst Mode217

CPU Multiple Read Prefetch134

CPU Multiple Reads133

CPU Operating Speed136

CPU Pipeline Function106

CPU Priority215

CPU Ratio136

CPU Read Multiple Prefetch134

CPU Read Prefetch134

CPU Serial Number71

CPU Sleep Pin Enable335

CPU Speed137

CPU Temperature360

CPU to DRAM Page Mode197

CPU to PCI Buffer116

CPU to PCI Burst Memory Write113

CPU to PCI Burst Write114

CPU to PCI Byte Merge111


CPU to PC Read Burst114

CPU Warning Temperature360

CPU/PCI Burst Mem. Write114

CPU/PCI Post Mem. Write116

CPU/PCI Post Write Delay117

CPUFAN Off in Suspend359

CPUID Instruction63

CPU-to-AGP 1WS Burst Write319

CPU-to-AGP Dynamic Bursting319

CPU-to-AGP Post Writes319


CPU-to-DRAM Buffer Timing119

CPU-to-DRAM Byte Merging119

CPU-to-DRAM FIFO Cleaning119

CPU-to-DRAM Posting119

CPU-to-IDE Posting115


CPU-to-PCI Bridge Retry113

CPU-to-PCI Bridge Retry113

CPU-to-PCI Bursting114

CPU-to-PCI FIFO Cleaning115

CPU-to-PCI IDE Posting115

CPU-to-PCI Post Writes116

CPU-to-PCI Posting116

CPU-TO-PCI Prefetch211

CPU-to-PCI Read Buffer115

CPU-to-PCI Read-Line133

CPU-to-PCI Write Buffer116

CPU-to-PCI Write Bursting114

CPU-to-PCI Write Delay116

CPU-to-PCI Write Latency116

CPU-to-PCI Write Post116

CPU-to-PCI Write Posting116

CPU-to-PCI Write Waits116

Critical Events in Log371

Cyrix 6x86 / MII CPU ID64

Cyrix M2 ADS# delay132

D000,16K Shadow150

D0000-D3FFF Shadow149

D400,16K Shadow150

D4000-D7FFF Shadow149

D800,16K Shadow150

D8000-DBFFF Shadow149

Data Integrity (PAR/ECC)141

Data Integrity (PAR/ECC)142

Data Read 0 WS220

Data Write 0 WS220

Daylight Saving64

DC00,16K Shadow150

DC000-DFFFF Shadow149

Decoupled Refresh185

Decoupled Refresh Option185

Default Latency Timer Value226

Default Latency Timer: [Yes]226

Default Primary Video236

Delay For HDD (Secs)65

Delay for SCSI/HDD (Secs)65

Delay IDE Initial64

Delay on Option ROMs70

Delayed Transaction117

Delayed Transaction Optimization117

Delayed Transaction Timer117

Deturbo Mode81

Dirty pin selection179

Diskette A:/B:66

Diskette Controller237

Diskette Write283

Diskette Write Protect283

Display Activity348

Display Cache Window Size209

Display Mode at Add-On ROM Init70

DMA Ch N TypeF Transfers270

DMA Channel294

DMA Channel n268

DMA Clock267

DMA Clock Selection267

DMA Clock Speed267

DMA Line Buffer Mode268

DMA n Assigned to268

DMA n Used By ISA269

DMA Wait States269

DMA/ISA Master Before PCI215

DMA-n assigned to250

DMA-n Type268

DPMS Supported337

DRAM Auto Configuration195

DRAM Burst at 4 Refresh186

DRAM CAS Timing Delay196

DRAM Clock198

DRAM Data Integrity Mode141



DRAM Enhanced Paging198

DRAM Idle Timer200

DRAM Integrity Mode141

Список опций

DRAM Interleave Mode

DRAM Page Closing Policv

DRAM Page Idle Timer

DRAM Page Mode

DRAM Page Open Policy

DRAM Paging

DRAM Paging Mode

DRAM Posted Write

DRAM Posted Write Buffer

DRAM RAS Only Refresh


DRAM RAS# Precharge Period

DRAM RAS# Precharge Time

DRAM Read-Around-Write

DRAM Refresh Cycle Time

DRAM Refresh Method

DRAM Refresh Period

DRAM Refresh Queing

DRAM Refresh Queue

DRAM Refresh Queue Depth

DRAM Refresh Rate

DRAM Refresh Stagger By

DRAM Refresh Type

DRAM Slow Refresh

DRAM Speed

DRAM Speed Selection

DRAM Write CAS Width

Drive A

Drive B

Drive NA before BRDY127

Duplex Mode290

Duplex Select290

Dynamic Bursting114

Dynamic PCI Bursting114

E0000 ROM belongs to ATBUS152

E8000 - EFFFF Shadow149

E8000 32K Accessible152

Early PCI Bus Request110

ECC Configuration142

ECC Control141

ECC CPU Checking141

ECC Memory Checking141

ECP DMA Select294

ECP Mode Use DMA294

Edge/Level Select260

EDO DRAM Speed (ns)200

EDO DRAM Speed Selection200

EDO MD Timing124

EDO RAS Precharge186

EDO RAS Precharge Timing186

EDO RAS to CAS Delay205

EDO RAS# Precharge Time186

EDO/SDRAM RAS# Pulse Width204

Embedded SCSI BIOS326

EMP Access Mode366

EMP Direct Connect/Modem Mode367

EMP Escape Sequence367

EMP Hangup Line Sequence367

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