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Adaptor ROM Shadow CC00,16K148

Adaptor ROM Shadow D000,16K148

Adaptor ROM Shadow D400,16K148

Adaptor ROM Shadow D800,16K149

Adaptor ROM Shadow DC00,16K149

Adaptor ROM Shadow E000,16K149

Adaptor ROM Shadow E400,16K149

Adaptor ROM Shadow E800,16K149

Adaptor ROM Shadow EC00,16K149

Address 0 WS219

Advanced Power Management334

After G3 Enable345

After Power Failure351

AGP -2x Mode318

AGP Aperture Size319

AGP Master 1 WS Read318

AGP Master 1 WS Write318

AGP Parity Error Response318



ALE During Bus Conversion129

Allocate IRQ to PCI VGA259

Allow Full Line Reads133

Alt Bit in Tag SRAM177

Alt Bit Tag RAM177

Amplitude Shift Keying287

Anti-Virus Protection77


Arbiter Priority on HB1216

Arbitration Priority214

Assign IRQ For USB263

Assign IRQ For VGA259

AT BUS Clock231

AT Bus Clock Frequency231

AT BUS Clock Selection231

AT BUS Clock Selection233

AT Bus Clock Source231

AT Cycle Wait State109


Audio Controller277

Audio Device278

Audio DMA Select278

Audio I/O Base Address278

Audio IRQ Select279

Audio Options Menu277

Audio Output279

Audio Output Level279



Auto Configuration(Memory)195

Auto Configure EDO DRAM Tim195

Auto Detect DIMM/PCI Clk365

Auto Start On AC Loss347

Auto Suspend Timeout342

Automatic Power Up348


Back to Back I/O Delay109

Bank nn DRAM Type195

Bank nn Numer of Banks196

Base I/O address278

Base Memory Address150

Base Memory Size196

Baud Rate369

BEDO RAS Precharge186

BIOS Devnode for Shadow RAM150

BIOS PM on AC335

BIOS Update57

Boot & POST56

Boot From LAN First59

Boot Other Device60

Boot Sequence59

Boot Speed81

Boot To OS/2204

Boot Up Floppy Seek61

Boot Up Num-Lock62

Boot Up Numlock Status61

Boot Up System Speed80

boot virus detection62


BootSector Virus Detection63

BootSector Virus Protection77


Boot-time Diagnostic Screen73

Branch Target Buffer131

Burst Refresh184

Burst Write Combining119

Bus Concurrency228

Bus Mastering216

Byte Merge111

Byte Merge Support110

Byte Merging111

C000 Shadow Cacheable175

C000,16K Shadow150

C400,16K Shadow150

C800,16K Shadow150

C8000-CBFFF Shadow149

Cache Base 0-512k167

Cache Base 512-640k167

Cache Bus ECC141

Cache DRAM Memory Area168

Cache Extended Memory Area167

Cache Memory168

Cache Memory Regions168

Cache Performance169

Cache Rd+CPU Wt Pipeline168

Cache Strategy172

Cache System BIOS Area168

Cache Timing169

Cache Video BIOS Area168

Cache XXXX-XXXX168

Cached DRAM167

CAS Before RAS184

CAS Before RAS Refresh184

CAS Output Delay196

CAS Width in Read Cycle196

CAS# Latency196

CAS# Latency210

CAS# Latency Clocks196

CAS# Pulse Width196

CAS# Write Pulse Width196

CAS-to-RAS Refresh Delay185

CAS-to-Read Delay196

CC00,16K Shadow150

CC000-CFFFF Shadow149

CD Hole150

Change Language Setting69

Chassis Fan Speed358

Chipset I/O Wait States102

Chipset NA# Asserted128

Chipset Special Features102

Clear Event Log370

Clear NVRAM on Every Boot249

Clock for Spread Spectrum365

COM Port Address368

COM1/2 MIDI285

Command per Cycle103

Concurrent Refresh185

Configuration Mode247

Configuration Mode(Function)248

Console Redirection Submenu368

CPU Addr. Pipelining106

CPU ADS# Delay 1T or Not131

CPU BIST Enable132

CPU Burst Write119

CPU Burst Write Assembly114

CPU Bus Frequency135

CPU Bus/PCI Freq136

CPU Clock/Spread Spectrum136

CPU Critical Temperature361

CPU Dynamic-Fast-Cycle112

CPU External Cache169

CPU fan on temp high359

CPU Fan Speed358

CPU Fast String133

CPU Freq Ratio136

CPU Freq Select137

CPU Frequency (MHz)137

CPU Frequency Control135

CPU Host Clock136

CPU Host Clock Select135

CPU Internal Cache170

CPU L2 Cache ECC Checking140

CPU Level 1 Cache170

CPU Level 2 Cache169

CPU Level 2 Cache ECC Check140

CPU Level 2 ECC checking140

CPU Line Read133

CPU Line Read Multiple133

CPU Line Read Prefetch134

CPU MicroCode Updation57

CPU Mstr DEVSEL# Time-out216

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